Helping Your Business While Helping Our Community


A Proud Record of Community Leadership

Incorporated in 1976, The Palmer Business, Industrial and Professional Association was formed to promote business and to serve the community of Palmer Township. The BIP constantly strives to uphold this purpose by working closely and cooperatively with local government and the other local business organizations.


The BIP is unique as a local business organization because it allows its members to become better acquainted and have direct communication with elected and/or appointed officials. This occurs at bimonthly meetings at local restaurants and at Association sponsored mixers held at our members' facilities. The meetings facilitate a better understanding of business, government and community issues in Palmer Township.

We've Been Involved in Our Community

The alliance formed between the business community and the Township is most evident in the projects that the BIP has initiated and helped bring to fruition. For example, the Association was instrumental in the construction of the Palmer branch of the Easton Area Public Library and has collected and donated thousands of dollars in books and equipment to the branch. BIP was also in the forefront of advocating the construction of the Palmer branch of the United States Post Office in Palmer Township at its Greenwood Avenue location. The BIP funded the installation of the Welcome to Palmer Township signs which are located at all entrances to the township and the Route 22 east and west bound ramp beautification project. The BIP also printed and distributed a very informative 2007 Community Information Guide. Most recently the BIP contributed $26,000 to the Charles Chrin Community Center of Palmer Township capital fund and it donated $6,000 to a gym floor lining project. In 2008 it partnered with Lions Club of Palmer Township and Palmer Township to install the electronic message sign at Northampton and 25th Streets.


From libraries to bikeways, to promoting community involvement to recognizing individual and businesses that promote and beautify the Township, The Business, Industrial and Professional Association is here to build a better Palmer Township for all of us.

Vision Statement

The Palmer Business, Industrial and Professional Association shall help to promote the climate of commerce in Palmer Township and serve the welfare of the community as a whole.


This will be accomplished by increasing the role of township officials and staff within the organization, initiating bimonthly, locally focused membership programs, increasing the use of electronic communications to promote and market members' companies and the township, and increasing the association's involvement in key community activities.

Strategy Statement

The BIP will focus its efforts on the forward development and growth of the association and its members. The strategy will be to increase the activity of key township officials and to mandate the participation within the Association of all members. The focus will be specific to Palmer Township and the Association will continue with and further develop its unique local business-local government relationship for the benefit of the Association, the members and Township. Key committees will operate within the Association and report to the Board of Directors. All members shall participate in either a committee, event, program or activity as a requirement for active membership within the Association. The niche market served by the BIP will be unable to be served by any other outside organization, regardless of size.

Strategic Goals and Actions to Meet the Vision

Increase Township Official and Staff Participation with the BIP

Action for each goal:


  • 100% participation of Palmer Supervisors within the Association
  • Township Manager shall be an active member and be willing to bring associates into the Association for contact and support
  • Township should financially sponsor key personnel in membership and meeting participation


Hold Locally Focused, Bimonthly Membership Programs

Action for each goal:


  • Each meeting to have mandatory participation of key Township Officials for member networking and exposure
  • Speakers should focus on key locally focused current topics
  • Meetings can rotate between breakfast, lunch, dinner and mixer to get a better cross section of member attendance
  • All meetings will be well defined with specific starting and ending times
  • All meetings will begin with a few minutes of "Quick News" of key topics impacting the Township. On "Quick News" at each meeting will be provided by a Township official or Supervisor
  • A formal program committee will meet regularly to establish and promote the programs to the membership


Promote the Association's Business Agenda Using Electronic Commerce

Action for each goal:


  • Utilize email on a very frequent basis to notify members of meetings, special events and township business items of interest
  • Provide an electronic member forum of "Quick Notes" on committee work, legislative action needing a business response or feedback
  • Using the Township's website, establish the BIP as a more visible and proactive voice for businesses in the Township
  • Have local businesses "hot link" their sites and vice versa to the BIP website to develop business traffic communications


Increase the Association's Involvement in Community Activities

Action for each goal:


  • Coordinate and work on local projects with other service groups to insure a more successful event
  • Promote BIP more prominently in the programs that we do to get better public response and more visibility for the organization
  • Continue and increase the scholarship program

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