Pride in Palmer

Each quarter the BIP honors a business in the township for using Palmer Township in their advertising.

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Community Awards

Each year the BIP honors individuals, organizations and business for their contribution to Palmer Township.

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Golf Outing

The one large fundraiser of the year which supports our community projects. In 2014 the Outing will be September 8th.

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Helping Our Businesses - Helping Our Community


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The third annual Palmer 5K will take place on Saturday, August 16th at Fairview Park with registration beginning at 7:30 am and the race going off at 9:00 am. For full details and registration click here.

This annual event has become another part of the Palmer Community Day weekend that will begin on Wednesday evening with a movie in the park and end of Sunday night. This is the place where neighbors and friends meet for good food, beverage and entertainment. For the full details and schedule click here.

On September 8th the BIP the Annual Golf Outing will take place at Riverview County Club. This outing is one of the best in the Lehigh Valley with a full lunch, golf, snacks on the course, a full dinner and many outstanding prizes. Also, prior to the teeing off there is a helicopter golf ball drop where some one will win $2,000 if only their ball goes in the hole or is closet to the hole. There will be 250 balls sold and for an investment of $20 you could have a great return. The important thing is that you buy the balls in advance and y0u don't have to be at the event to win. Click here for details.



The Business, Industrial, and Professional Association of Palmer Township is a unique business organization in that there is a very close working relationship between business and the government of the township. The BIP was established in 1976 when representatives of the business community and members of the Board of Supervisors worked together to form the organization. Since that time the BIP has grown considerably and through its members has been involved in a number of community projects.

The alliance formed between the business community and the township is evident in the projects the BIP has initiated and helped bring to fruition. For example, the Association was instrumental in the construction of the Palmer Branch of the Easton Area Public Library and has collected and donated thousands of dollars in books and equipment to the Branch. BIP was also in the forefront of advocating the construction of the Palmer Branch of the United States Post Office at its Greenwood Avenue location. The Welcome to Palmer Township signs located at all entrances to the township and the landscaping at the entrances/exits to Route 22 have been funded by the BIP. Every two to three years each resident and business in the township receives the very informative Community Information Guide which is designed by the BIP.

The BIP is cooperating with the Easton Area Public Library to purchase books through wholesale channels to better stock Palmer Library. Therefore, only twenty dollars will purchase a brand new best-seller, gardening book, cookbook, how-to-book, children's book or dozens of other titles. Click here for more information on this important program.

Since 2005 the BIP has given approximately $130,000 back to the township in community projects that it has funded. These include:

  • Contributed $26,000 to the building of the Charles Chrin Community Center of Palmer Township.
  • Donated $6,000 to the floor lining project at the Community Center.
  • The BIP was the driving force in providing the community information sign at Northampton Street and 25th Street. This was a partnership between the BIP, Lions Club of Palmer Township and Palmer Township.
  • The BIP funded the playground constructed at the Community Center.
  • The new pavilion at the Community Center was funded and built by the BIP.
  • The BIP has donated $35,000 to the Miracle League of Northampton County who has built a special regional baseball field for disabled children at the Community Center.
  • The 1st Annual Palmer 5K race and walk was held at the 2012 Palmer Community Days and raised $5,000 for the Miracle Leauge.

The picture show at the top of the page displays some of the projects that we have completed over the years.

From community projects to promoting community involvement to recognizing individuals, organizations and businesses that promote and beautify the township, the BIP is here to build a better Palmer Township for all of us.

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